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What are Snigel’s criteria for partnering with a publisher?
Why should I work with Snigel?
How does your onboarding process work?
What kind of publishers does Snigel partner with?
How can I start working with Snigel?
How do I know you will increase my revenues?
How long will it take to go live?
What is Snigel’s pricing/cost structure?
What sort of support do you offer to new and existing publishers?
How long before I see results?
How many publishers do you currently work with?
Where are you based?
Why do I need a CMP (consent management platform)?
I am not very technical, will I be able to implement Snigel’s solution?
What Web Technologies do you support?
Are you GDPR and CCPA Compliant?
Which demand partners does Snigel integrate with?
Do you offer a Server to Server (S2S) side solution?
How can you guarantee high quality ads on my site?
Will Snigel’s solution slow down my site?
What are your payment terms?
How do you pay publishers?
What currencies do you support?
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