Time saved, trust gained, and dollars made for Windfinder with 30% jump in revenue

Windfinder provides wind and weather forecasts for over 45,000 places worldwide. The main user groups are kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, and paragliders.

  • Site already optimized for ad units and placements
  • Wanted to improve monetization for ads below the fold
  • Improved ad quality & achieved a 30% increase in revenue


Windfinder wanted to improve monetization for ads below the fold. The number and position of ad units was already optimized so the focus was on:

  • Delivering a 100% fill solution
  • Maintaining a quality ad experience
  • Providing tech support


Snigel needed to find a way to deliver higher CPMs while maintaining the same user experience. Windfinder’s team wanted to stay away from video, ad refreshes and more ad units. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Windfinder needed results fast and extensive technical support.


Snigel’s engineering team partnered with SSPs to develop our C2S and S2S Header Bidding solution. This provided higher CPMs without changing the publisher’s ad layout.

Snigel’s ad ops team provided 24-hour support and set up filtering to exclude the ad categories Windfinder wanted to avoid.


Snigel exceeded expectations for ad quality, and ad revenue. Windfinder remains a very close publisher with whom we test new technologies and features regularly due to the high level of trust they have in Snigel.

  • 30% increase in revenue

Windfinder has partnered with Snigelweb since some years ago. While we initially only talked about better monetization of our remnant ad units, we have greatly increased our collaboration since that time. Besides constant work on better monetization on their side, Snigelweb now also provides us with a GDPR-compliant CMP solution as well as Adblock monetization. Snigelweb has become a major part in our monetization stack.

Jonas Kaufmann
Founder & CEO @ Windfinder

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