PMP deals deliver 3x higher CPMs & boost revenue by 270% for

Founded in 2018 by 21-year-old entrepreneur Arran Rice, Simple Flying is the world’s largest aviation news website, with 150-200 stories published every week.

  • Site already optimized from a technical standpoint
  • Wanted to increase ad revenue & yield
  • Achieved a 270% increase in ad revenue, higher CPMs and better quality ads via PMP deals


Simple Flying was already generating a good amount of ad revenue and had a well-optimized ad setup. They wanted to see if it was possible to get even more out of their ad inventory so they asked Snigel to help:

  • Increase display ad revenue
  • Diversify ad revenue mix


The main challenge for the Snigel team was to find effective ad solutions for a site that already had a well-optimized ad setup. These solutions also needed to provide a good user experience.


We called on our team to leverage relationships with relevant advertisers and partner with them to run private marketplace deals (PMP deals). Through our programmatic/PMP service, we were able to secure higher CPM rates for Simple Flying, deliver better quality ad campaigns to their visitors, and perfectly match their audience to the advertisers.


Not only were we able to deliver excellent monetary outcomes to Simple Flying, but we were able to establish strong and promising relationships with premium brands like Malaysia Airlines, securing more programmatic direct opportunities in the future.

  • ~3x higher CPM compared to open auction bidding
  • 279% revenue increase for the ad inventory sold
  • Diversified ad revenue with video advertising
  • Optimized ad placements for enhanced viewability and yield

Snigel has been a great partner for the monetisation of my website. They act more like an extension of my team, rather than a typical monetisation partner. New ideas are constantly suggested, and the performance has been great.

Arran Rice
Simple Flying CEO and Founder

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