How achieved a 104% revenue increase with video monetization

Make Tech Easier simplifies technology for users. This leading site has a strong focus on computer tutorials, how-to hacks, and fixes.

  • Site used video as a key content channel
  • Wanted to monetize their video content to boost revenue
  • Achieved 104% increase in revenue and a 35% increase in ad impressions


MakeTechEasy’s users are highly engaged and have a higher than average time on page. The publisher wanted to use this engagement to promote its video content and increase revenue. They asked Snigel to:

  • Add a lightweight video player
  • Increase average time on the site
  • Increase revenue


MakeTechEasier had an extensive range of video content on YouTube. The challenge for Snigel was how to re-pivot this video content in a manner that was most engaging for users and most lucrative for the Publisher. Snigel had to create a lightweight video solution that would not cannibalize MakeTechEasier’s existing YouTube video strategy and would complement the site design.


Through our network of partners, the Snigel ad ops team found and implemented a light video player that kept site speed intact. The new player could be set up to deliver pre and mid-roll ads from any demand sources. This allowed Snigel’s team to connect with top brands looking for video inventory.


This new revenue stream was a win-win for users and the publisher. Time on site and user engagement increased as users found MakeTechEasy’s video content relevant and useful. This attention increased the viewability of ads in the video player, resulting in a 104% increase in revenue.

  • 35% increase in ad impressions
  • 104% increase in revenue

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