Ad block recovery delivers an 8% revenue increase for

Guiding Tech helps users make better buying decisions by providing tech guides, how-tos and tips. It was recently recognized as one of the fastest growing technology websites.

  • Site experiencing loss of revenue due to ad blocking
  • Wanted to get around ad blocking without using a pay wall
  • Recouped revenue lost to ad blocking while providing a good user experience


In 2019, 46% of the US population and 41% of the European population used ad blocking. These locations were responsible for Guiding Tech’s most valuable traffic so our team needed to find a way to recover some of this blocked ad inventory.


Snigel’s engineers developed an adblock revenue recovery solution which allowed us to bypass the ad blockers used by a large portion of American and European visitors. This technology displays carefully chosen ads compliant with the Acceptable Ads standards to adblock users.


Snigel delivered an increase in revenue that didn’t compromise on user experience or site speed. This enabled Guiding Tech to regain control over their monetization and avoid implementing a pay wall that would have created negative feedback from users.

  • 75% fill rate
  • 18% increase in ad impressions
  • 8% increase in revenue

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