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The Best 3rd Party Cookie Alternatives

In January 2022, quite sometime after Firefox and Safari, Chrome will also block 3rd party cookies. Below we analyze the pros and cons of the top 3rd party cookie alternatives.

Publisher Interview – SlidesCarnival.com

SlidesCarnival.com provides free presentation templates that help users communicate effectively. The site has grown rapidly over the last few years and continues to add new high-quality content. We interviewed Jimena Catalina Gayo, founder and owner of SlidesCarnival.com.

Since we have started using Snigel things have progressed exactly how they said they would. Revenue has increased. The team at Snigel have expertise and dedication and are easy to deal with. We look forward to a continued relationship with them. 

Raina Hawley

Ever since the Google Panda algorithm affected our website, we avoided any advertisement platform other than AdSense. Chris has been patiently explaining what they do at Snigel and finally we were convinced to try it out. Not only has the team helped us increase our revenue, they are very friendly yet professional.


I had tried several other ad inventory solutions previously and none of them had worked. However, with Snigel, I was quite happy to see that I was earning 10 to 15% more during the initial few months. Once we optimized the number of ads and got several networks on board, the percent increased well beyond 40%.

Aseem Kishore

Our friends at Snigel initially delivered a dramatic increase in ad revenue as promised. And they kept going. Pitching new ideas, new networks, new placements. When GDPR came along, they had solutions. When an algorithm changes, they ran A/B tests to see what would be the best. The people at Snigel will actually deliver.

Bill Jelen
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