Snigel: Ad Monetization Technology For Publishers

Do You Want More Ad Revenue?

Snigel’s trusted advertising technology delivers powerful revenue growth and sublime user experiences so you can focus on creating great content.

Find out how much more your website could earn.

Snigel: Ad Monetization Technology For Publishers
Winner Deloitte Fast 50 2020, Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies 2021, Google Open Bidding, IAB Approved Status, Transparent Ad Marketplace
Winner Deloitte Fast 50 2020, Financial Times Fastest Growing Companies 2021, Google Open Bidding, IAB Approved Status, Transparent Ad Marketplace

What we do

The Market-Leading Ad Stack

Six Icons representing Snigel Market-Leading Ad Stack

Managing your own ad operations is tough. We make it easy.

Our full-service ad management experts will build a unique monetization strategy based on your needs. With everything from header bidding to native video, Smart Refresh, and Adaptive Ads, we’ll make the most of every impression you get.

Whether it’s 3rd party cookie depreciation or the arrival of Core Web Vitals, the ad tech landscape is constantly changing. Our ad stack is continuously updated to ensure your website is ready for revenue growth and the latest SEO best practices.

Six Icons representing Snigel Market-Leading Ad Stack

Why Snigel?

Snigel provides a wider range of solutions for publishers than other advertising technology companies. As a result, we can deliver better user experiences and more revenue for your ad inventory.

Other Providers


How we do it

The Snigel Partnership

Green number 1 with the text "Plan"

Discuss your goals, performance benchmarks, and needs with our experts.

Green number 2 with the text "Build"

We build a custom ad stack to fit your needs and compliment your content strategy.

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Sit back as we continuously diversify and optimize your revenue. 

Our Partner Websites

  • 200 +
  • 4 B
    Monthly Ad Impressions
  • 180 M
    Monthly Unique Users
  • 200 +
  • 4 billion
    Monthly Ad Impressions
  • 180 million
    Monthly Unique Visitors
  • 57 %
    Average Revenue Increase
Four rows of partner website publisher logos
Three rows of partner website publisher logos

Solutions for Publishers

Illustration of browser windows, graphs and feathers showing lightweight header bidding programmatic advertising solution

Header Bidding

Snigel’s partners have seen an average revenue increase of 57% when using AdEngine 3.0, our header bidding stack. It’s lightning-fast and connected to all major advertising platforms, Google Open Bidding and Amazon TAM.

  • Client-Side + Server-Side Header Bidding
  • 3rd Party Cookie Replacements
  • AdBlock Revenue Recovery
  • Smart Refresh
  • AMP Integration
  • AI Anti-Malvertizing
  • AI Pricing and Bid Optimization
  • Realtime Reporting

Native Video

AdStream, Snigel’s native video solution, empowers publishers to display high-quality video content that adds value to users and provides a new source of ad revenue. It’s directly plugged in to all major SSPs and ad exchanges to ensure you get the most out of every impression.

  • Instream + Outstream
  • In-Content + Floating
  • CPMs Up To 10x Higher Than Display Ads
  • Increased Time-On-Site + User Engagement
Illustration of Mobile devices, laptop and browser window showing Snigel AdStream native video ad solution.
Illustration of browser windows, graphs, currency symbols and interactive header bidding ads

Next Generation Ad Formats

Improve your user experience and get more from your ad inventory with Snigel’s innovative ad formats.

  • Adaptive Ads
  • Parallax Units
  • Interactive Quiz Units

Website Optimization

Many publishers rely heavily on SEO for traffic and don’t have the time to A/B test their ad placements. Snigel can help you increase your SERP rank and maximize your ad revenue. Our experts can optimize your:

  • Core Web Vitals
  • Ad Layout
  • Viewability 
Illustration of browser windows and graphs showing real-time reporting for header bidding advertising solution
Illustration of browser windows showing 100% GDPR CCPA Compliance IAB certified consent management platform

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Easily and cohesively comply with GDPR, CCPA and Google’s EU user consent policy. AdConsent empowers users to decide on the level of ad targeting they are comfortable with and ensures that your site is compliant with regulations.

  • IAB Approved Vendor
  • TCF 2.0 Compatible
  • Customizable UI
  • Revenue Reovery When Users Don’t Consent

Our Demand Partners

Get access to premium demand partners that would otherwise be out of reach. We connect you to the best in the industry so that you have more time to focus on your content.

Four Rows of Header Bidding Demand Partner Company Logos
Three Rows of Header Bidding Demand Partner Company Logos

“Every website we partner with gets a dedicated ad operations expert from Snigel for ongoing guidance, support, and regular tech updates. Let us help you reach your revenue and user experience goals.” 

Picture of Ad Operations Header bidding Expert from our Snigel Team

Ela Fabjanczuk – Ad Ops Expert, Snigel

Case Study

How Snigel Boosted Simple Flying's Ad Revenue by 270%

The Simple Flying site was already perfectly optimised from a technical standpoint. How do you improve on perfection?

The answer was for Snigel to implement private marketplace (PMP) deals using its unique relationships with advertisers and partners.     

Since we have started using Snigel things have progressed exactly how they said they would. Revenue has increased. The team at Snigel have expertise and dedication and are easy to deal with. We look forward to a continued relationship with them. 

Raina Hawley

Ever since the Google Panda algorithm affected our website, we avoided any advertisement platform other than AdSense. Chris has been patiently explaining what they do at Snigel and finally we were convinced to try it out. Not only has the team helped us increase our revenue, they are very friendly yet professional.


I had tried several other ad inventory solutions previously and none of them had worked. However, with Snigel, I was quite happy to see that I was earning 10 to 15% more during the initial few months. Once we optimized the number of ads and got several networks on board, the percent increased well beyond 40%.

Aseem Kishore

Our friends at Snigel initially delivered a dramatic increase in ad revenue as promised. And they kept going. Pitching new ideas, new networks, new placements. When GDPR came along, they had solutions. When an algorithm changes, they ran A/B tests to see what would be the best. The people at Snigel will actually deliver.

Bill Jelen

Snigel has been instrumental in helping us navigate cryptic ad policies, respect our user’s privacy, and increase ad revenue. Partnering with Snigel has optimized our ad stack and removed the challenge of managing things on our own.

Justin Nemeth
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